About me


SIIRINot long ago, it crossed into my mind that I need a change in my working and career life. I desired to realize and share at least some of the experiences and knowledge which I had acquired while having different low and high status positions.

Most of all, I’d like that the working world would be a better and more lovable environment, full of confident and happy persons who are prepared to take challenges up and make new processes to happen. Throughout all my different jobs and professions, I’ve always been the one who tutors, coaches, trains or educates, so this is really a logical forthcoming step to validate my experiences and transfer those experiences into an attractive job in my own company.

Today, I have been training entrepreneurs and adults from different professions to communicate in English language or I do peer counselling to the people in need and I really do love my job!


  • MA, Faculty of Philosophy, English language dep., University of Tartu
  • Adult educator, EQF level 6
  • Peer counselor. Arengukeskus Avitus, http://www.avitus.ee/en
  • Continuing education about Mental Health by Dr Stephen K. Bradley, The United Kingdom
  • Teaching, coaching and tutoring, coordination experiences from 2002.a.
  • Peer Counselor and tutor from 2009
  • 5 years managing experiences in Hansabank/ Swedbank
  • Project work both – domestic and international projects at different positions (applying, submitting, coordinating, managing) from 1995.